Two old men look at the camera with neutral expressions

After a pleasant trainride of 14 hours with a lot of sleep (!) we arrive at Varanasi, Indias holiest city for Hindus. A place packed with temples and people, following the Ganges for several kilometers.u00a0 The streets of the city are even noisier and more crowded, bringing together masses of indian/foreign groups and hopeful merchants with typical (silk etc.) or dubious (Opium) offers. Combine that with the ongoings that are connected to the daily cremation of 200 people at the waterfront, a lot of processions and rituals, that areu00a0 carried out every night and you get a pretty good picture of Varanasi. This dense mixture also brings some downsides, as scams, overpricing and endless offers call for our constant attention. But for about an hour, when the rituals start, a contemplative mood arises, that grows until people start to sing and let go of everydaylife for just a while. Golden Moments, even more so after a busy day of talking, planning, walking…

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