The Indian village

As mentioned before, we had a surprise coming for us on our second day in Jodhpur, while we were already getting tired of sightseeing and making plans where to go next. A break from it all would be fine… Maybe get out of the city… But how? Within minutes a lucky coincidence took us under his wing as a gentle tour-guide started a conversation and, because still managing some other tourists in the place we were resting at, quickly invited us to his house to make plans for coming to his home-village the next days to see his mother. And so, 12 hours later, we did, made plans over tea and started the next day to a little village, near Pali. And we were in for a surprise, as our tourguide turned out to be the landlord and held a king-like position, taking care of problems of the place and the people. To do so, and give us the chance to make some genuine experiences, we spent the day walking around, exchanging smiles and a few kind words. But still, things got more exciting as the evening was filled with a concert and dancing. But the highlight was till to come for us in the morning – an opium-ceremony. Of course we where invited as much as we politely refused and had a fun time watching the elderly of the village having a great time. After New Delhi, Jaisalmer and other big cities, of course a whole different experience. Two lovely days that passed by way to quickly.