The Cambodian Market

We are exploring Siem Reap, the city better known for its neighbouring complex of temples, Angkor Wat. Before our 3-day-expedition through this architectual marvel, and of course offering a glimpse of it here, we are off to find breakfast at the biggest market around, Phsar Leu Thom Tmey. With completing this first task of the day, we are free to explore. And wonder about the calm chaos that surrounds us: The small alleys are filled with vendors. smells and fruits. Motorbikes again dominate the scene, using the smallest spaces to maneuver. But at the same time everything seems calm in comparison to our  experiences in India. Everybody goes about his business and a smile goes a long way, as there is no need to rush things or be unpolite. The same goes for the countless shops on the countryside. Only the touristy spaces have a different vibe to them, as every shop tries to get the attention of the next potential customer. The market on the other hand maybe sees 5 white people a day and people are shyly curious about them. A lovely place for photography. Viewer discretion is advised – it´s a market…

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