South China Shapes

Two rosw of red flowers

Taking pictures is an adventure with unknown outcome. Expectations arise, (secret) wishes for the one great picture develop. On the other hand (travel-)plans have to be changed, there is never enough time. And chasing light or waiting for the right time is exhausting. Additionally there is the whole intellectual part as “taking snaps” has to be, at least beyond the 100%-amateurism, structered, planned and well on the spot when the actual opportunity arises. So to make the best of this situation, I find it helpful to stick with one of the many relevant categories of photography for several days. One such category are shapes. Or more specifically shapes and their interplay with light. A key-definer of place and identity. So, moving from the specific motive of the last post, people, this time let me give an alternative introduction to the South of China. Next time: Colours!