A white dog sits on two white boxes, forming a pyramid

Taking a flight south, we arrive in Mumbai to start and end our few days of holiday in Goa. Which is a rather bumpy 12-hour-bus-ride away and will kill 2 of our nights. But our little trips through Mumbai, nothing can be achieved in its traffic under 1 hr, definitely make up for that! Mumbai is noisy, smelly and filled with appr. 2 billion cars. But still, it has a completly different vibe to it. In comparison to other big cities we have seen, like Delhi and Jaisalmer, there is a calmness to all of it. Tourists are not the number one attraction when they wander the streets and people take there time, trying to be polite and not pushy. Additionally the city is filled with cultural institutions you will quickly loose your hope to find elsewhere. A good place, that definitely has the potential to live at. After 7 weeks of India a rather interesting thought. I hope these weeks pictures give a little impression of where I am coming from.