Jodhpur: Ancient Gold

We are in Jodhpur! After a train ride of 6 hours we embark in another big indian city and head out to get accustomed with it: The vibe definitely feels different as Tuk-Tuk-Drivers are waiting for tourists like us on every corner and/or touristic highlight, shouting random phrases (Where are you from? Tuk Tuk? You need Taxi?) and are always ready to make an offer, that at first might seem cheap, but really comes down to at least a doubling/tripling of the normal price. But there are hard times coming for them, as we bargain for every Rupie, making sure, they understand. Sometimes it becomes exhausting, as there are numourus “explainations” for the sum. Still, they make good money, as Jodhpur is full of the well-off european tourists, we meet everywhere. Especially while visiting the Grand Fort, that hovers above the roofs of the city and is a delight, that we have only (oriental) tale-like imagiginations to compare it with. A dream of golden tones and history. And then, as we take a break from our sightseeing-walk, we meet someone who will show us a completely different side of India..