Angkor Wat

A chinese couple taking a romantic staged shot at Angkor Wat

After getting a feel for the city of Siem Reap, we are off to explore the world-famous temples around Angkor Wat for 3 days. Surely most people have heard this wonderful place. And it sure feels like it! Swarms of tourists dominate the scene, everything in the region seems to somehow be connected to their wellbeing. And so we decide to swim against the stream, leaving the highlight for our second and third day. Along our little expeditions we stand out with our little green e-bikes, as the normal way of getting around is to take a Tuk-Tuk, getting lazy and sometimes bored people from point A to B. But as they force us to take (long) breaks to recharge our and the bikes batteries, we take our time, killing some hours just sitting in front of the attractions and looking at the touristy buzz. And even inside the temples I tend to pay as much attention to our fellow-visitors as possible. And interesting and sometimes disturbing endevour, as many of them choose the “chinese way” of doing things: Taking as many pictures as possible, almost trying to take every detail in, hurrying from place to place, always eager for the (bad) shot but never relaxing in the midst of it all. It´s because of those reasons, that this time there are a lot more pictures to take in. Enjoy!